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Message from the President

Thank you for visiting the official website of Nikko Soy Sauce Robatazuke.

What is “Nikko Soy Sauce Robatazuke”?
"Soy sauce pickles" start with making soy sauce.

Excellent texture and soy sauce aroma.
The process we have cultivated so far,
Even if you leave out one thing, it won't taste like this.

Even if you want better taste, you cannot change the process.
In that case, it would be better to make that soy sauce even more delicious.

What I was aiming for was pickles that would go well with rice.
For that purpose, we make soy sauce that goes well with rice.

The only ingredients are domestically produced salted vegetables and soy sauce.
I hope this taste is what you were looking for.

Nikko Soy Sauce Robatazuke Hiyama Shoichi Co., Ltd. Representative Director Hironobu Hiyama

[About Nikko soy sauce]

Our company started as a koji manufacturing company in 1890.
We are a young brewery in the soy sauce brewing industry, having been in business for about 120 years.

The path to brewing began with just a handful of rice koji.
We have walked the path of miso and soy sauce brewing,
One day, I discovered a unique method of brewing soy sauce.

In the past, this soy sauce manufacturing method was kept secret.
Even within the company, only a few people were able to enter the brewery.

The soy sauce that our company continues to brew, which was unknown at the time, has entered the center stage of history as the soy sauce presented to Nikko Toshogu Shrine, ``Fudai Soden''.

And the trial and error process of making better soy sauce continues even today.

Your delicious food is our joy.
In order to make it easy for even first-timers to understand the [soy sauce] that supports the deepest part of it,
“Nikko Soy Sauce Robatazuke” in September 2021
We changed the store name to .

We will continue to strive for quality that will earn our customers' patronage.

[Company About Nikko Soy Sauce Robatazuke History] (History of Nikko Soy Sauce)

1897: Founded by Yoshinari Hiyama as a koji manufacturer. 1899: Started producing miso. 1954: Started research on soy sauce mash. It later became the Fudai Soden.
1963: Start of production and sales of pickles 1966: Start of Fudai Soden brewing 1970: Start of sales of Nikko robatazuke 1973: Shoichi Hiyama Shoten Co., Ltd. Incorporated into Kokura Factory opened in 1977 Joined the Tochigi Prefecture Namaage Soy Sauce Association 1978 Utsunomiya store opened in 1984 Imaichi store opened in 1987 Moritomo store opened in 1996 (1996) New soy sauce manufacturing plant established at Kokura factory 1997 (1997) Opening of restaurant "Ichien-tei" 1998 (1998) Kinugawa store opening 2004 (2004) Ichien-tei closing in 2005 (2005) Kokura factory expanded.
Manufacturing and head office functions will be consolidated into the "Head Office Factory".
2008 (Heisei 2008) Bunsanjuku main store and Bunsan factory were destroyed in a fire. 2009 (Heisei 21) Bunsanjuku main store renovated and opened. 2009 (2009) Moritomo store renovated and opened. Name: "Tabi-no-Eki Nikko"
2013: Commencement of sales of Nikko Toshogu Shrine gift soy sauce “Fudai Soden” 2015 (2015) Reopening of Imaichi store 2015 (2015) Nikko Toshogu special gift soy sauce “Fudai Soden” limited to 800 bottles Released (Takashimaya)
2018 (2018) Utsunomiya store closed 2020 (2020) Nikko soy sauce "Homare" first brewing 2021 (2021) Moritomo store closed 2021 (2021) Change of name "Nikko soy sauce" "Donobatazuke".
2021 (Reiwa 3) Nikko soy sauce “Homare” vintage 2020 is now on sale Reiwa 4 (2022) Nikko soy sauce “Homare” vintage 2021 is on sale 2023 (Reiwa 5) Nikko soy sauce “Homare” 2023 Brewing The Ritz・Limited sale started at Carlton Nikko to date.

Trademark registration number 5581682

“This is Irohani.”

We feel a sense of destiny in that our soy sauce, which was born in Nikko and presented to Nikko Toshogu Shrine, where our ancestors once served, received this number.