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Make delicious soy sauce and delicious pickles

Another day begins today as I open the lid of the pot.

The sweetness of the rice as you sip the fragrant miso soup

The crispness and soy sauce flavor that fills your mouth

Ah, delicious.

Simple is fine.
I like nature.

I want to be a supporting role at a table like this.

Recommended ①

Stored ginger

Japan's last clear stream, Kochi Shimanto's phantom variety ``Sanshu'' is small, soft, and spicy.

Be sure to bite into the softness that feels like it's been freshly dug.

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Recommended ②

Nikko Toshogu Shrine Presentation Soy Sauce Fudai Soden

The rich sweetness of rice mixed with carefully selected raw soy sauce and rice koji.

``Soy sauce that goes well with rice'' that we have continued to challenge, try, and create to create pickles that go well with rice.

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Recommended ③

Sliced ​​radish 5 bags set

Toss with root vegetables to make radish salad, rice balls,
Just put it on a sandwich or rice,
There are no limits to how you can enjoy it.

​This sliced ​​radish is as affordable as possible,
Always on your table.
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Recommended ④

Daikon radish

The only ingredients are vegetables and soy sauce.
It's not sweet, has a good texture, and has a nice aftertaste.
Radish, the origin of taste

What we want you to know is the outstanding texture and soy sauce flavor that comes from freshly pickled foods.

Freezing required (below -18℃)

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Recommended ⑤

Nikko soy sauce “Homare”

Prepare carefully selected raw soy sauce with rice koji,
Sake lees from Junmai Ginjo ``Nikko Homare'' produced by local sake brewery Watanabe Sahei Shoten is added to ``Fudaisouden'' soy sauce made using a two-step process.

A rare soy sauce that exudes the mystery of Japanese sake.

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Radish, the origin of taste

Wash the salted radish, remove the salt,
I marinate it many times with only soy sauce.

There are no steps that can be skipped to create this flavor.
For more delicious pickling,
Make soy sauce more delicious.

A soy sauce made from rice koji that goes well with rice.
This is all you need to make pickles.

Add nothing. That's enough.

Nikko soy sauce robatazuke has a rich aroma of soy sauce that brings out the sweetness of the rice.

Pickles (robatazuke)

All products are made with domestically grown vegetables.
These items are selected for a wide range of purposes, from everyday use to souvenirs.

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Nikko soy sauce

The history of Nikko soy sauce has been and will continue to be passed down from generation to generation.

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Freshly pickled taste “Kuradashi”

We responded to requests for more delicious Nikko soy sauce Robatazuke. We will deliver the taste of freshly pickled food.

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Foundation of our founding (soy sauce, miso, koji)

Just a handful of rice malt It all started here in the 1900s. Our products are supported by this rice koji.

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Make robatazuke more delicious and fun. These products are created from popular recipes and bring new sensations to your dining table.

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From small packs to standard size assortments. Nikko soy sauce Robatazuke is a great gift. We will respond according to your budget.

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Seasonal items

From products using seasonal ingredients to test products for full-scale production. This is a limited time flavor.

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