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Article: Seasonal Autumn Taste: “Asazuke Ginger” and “Plum Vinegar Ginger”

Seasonal Autumn Taste: “Asazuke Ginger” and “Plum Vinegar Ginger”

[Autumn limited ginger]

The ginger used in Nikko Soy Sauce's Robatazuke is Sanshu, a rare variety grown in the harsh natural environment of Shimanto, which is also known as Japan's last clear stream.

It is characterized by a sharp, refreshing aftertaste that lingers. ``Asazuke Ginger'' and ``Ume Vinegar Ginger'' made with this precious ginger will be available in limited quantities this year as well. The ginger was harvested before the equinox in autumn to prevent it from becoming hard, and after pre-processing to preserve the Sanshu ginger's ``character'', it was quickly pickled.

Not only can it be eaten with rice, but it can also be used as an appetizer for sake or as a rest for chopsticks. It is a taste unique to this time of year, heralding the arrival of autumn.

[lightly pickled ginger]
Sliced ​​from freshly-harvested, soft Sanshu ginger, we have prepared a light and easy-to-eat dish based on our signature pickled vegetables.
From Kochi Shimanto Lightly pickled ginger

[Plum vinegar ginger]
The sharp spiciness of ``Sanshu ginger'' and the refreshing flavor of plum vinegar are perfect. Pickled ginger with a beautiful pale pink color.
From Kochi Shimanto plum vinegar ginger