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Article: A collaboration between pickle shops. Nikko Yuba mixed rice base

A collaboration between pickle shops. Nikko Yuba mixed rice base

Fried yuba rolls with Nikko pickles and Robatazuke with Nikko soy sauce

Easy mixed rice

In Nikko, where mountain worship is popular, yuba is used as a precious preserved food by monks in training, and is now loved by everyone as one of Nikko's specialties.

There are many famous yuba restaurants, but the yuba made by Nikko's Kekkozuke, who also runs a local pickle manufacturing business, is a true favorite. Furthermore, the soba noodles are delicious.
If we were to compare gently floating soy milk to the sea, then ``Yuba'' would be written as ``Yuba'', like a wave. The soybeans are Ryuhou from Akita and Tachinagaha from Tochigi. Each Yuba has seven waves in total, and is carefully rolled up into a luxurious product that can only be produced in small quantities.

Due to the action of rice koji, our soy sauce has a rich sweetness even without sugar. I cooked it with only soy sauce to create a yuba that goes well with rice.

This soy sauce-flavored Nikko yuba is packed with ``Kuradashi Daikon'' and ``Burdock'' that have been pickled in the same soy sauce, and the base for mixed rice is completed.
In order to deliver this goodness as is, we do not heat-process it for preservation and provide it frozen. We hope that as many people as possible will try this dream collaboration product, created with the desire to contribute to Nikko through food. Unfortunately, I can't make a lot of them, which is annoying.

[How to make]
① Thaw this product.
②Cook 3 cups of rice.
③Take out the yuba,
Cut roughly.
④ Mix all the soup together and enjoy.