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Pickles (robatazuke)

All products are made with domestically grown vegetables.
From everyday use to souvenirs,
These products are selected for a wide range of uses.

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20 products


Daikon radish (frozen)Daikon radish (frozen)
Daikon radish (frozen) Sale priceFrom ¥880
Stored ginger (frozen)Stored ginger (frozen)
Stored ginger (frozen) Sale priceFrom ¥1,120
[Free Shipping] Sliced ​​radish 5 bags set[Free Shipping] Sliced ​​radish 5 bags set
Aoi Rakkyo “Homare”Aoi Rakkyo “Homare”
Aoi Rakkyo “Homare” Sale priceFrom ¥1,480
Piriri Rakkyo from the warehousePiriri Rakkyo from the warehouse
Piriri Rakkyo from the warehouse Sale priceFrom ¥1,360
Stored wine rakkyoStored wine rakkyo
Stored wine rakkyo Sale priceFrom ¥1,240
Nikko Yuba mixed rice base
Domestic sweet rakkyoDomestic sweet rakkyo
Domestic sweet rakkyo Sale price¥780
Radish from TochigiRadish from Tochigi
Radish from Tochigi Sale price¥680
Sliced ​​radish from TochigiSliced ​​radish from Tochigi
Ginger from Kochi ShimantoGinger from Kochi Shimanto
Sliced ​​ginger from Kochi ShimantoSliced ​​ginger from Kochi Shimanto
Shisonomi~Mountain Caviar~Shisonomi~Mountain Caviar~
NIKKO Tamari CheeseNIKKO Tamari Cheese
NIKKO Tamari Cheese Sale price¥780
Domestic burdockDomestic burdock
Domestic burdock Sale price¥680
Domestic sliced ​​cucumberDomestic sliced ​​cucumber
Domestic kizami robataDomestic kizami robata
Domestic kizami robata Sale price¥680
Domestic productionDomestic production
Domestic production Sale price¥680
Hayate gourd from NikkoHayate gourd from Nikko
Hayate gourd from Nikko Sale price¥680
Domestic gingerDomestic ginger
Domestic ginger Sale price¥680