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Domestic production

Sale price¥680

The texture of your teeth when you bite into them,
The delicious taste of tamari spreads in your mouth.
It's a nostalgic taste of hometown.

And although it's only natural,
``Eggplant'' seems to go well with ``tomato.''
I highly recommend the eggplant and tomato bolognese!

Name: Pickled in soy sauce Ingredients (Salted eggplant (domestic), Pickled ingredients (soy sauce)
/Alum (contains wheat and soybeans)

Nutrition information (per 100g) Calorie 105kcal Protein 4.6g
Fat 0.3g Carbohydrate 20.9g Salt equivalent 5.1g

*This product will be delivered by [normal temperature delivery]. In some cases, items may be sent together with cool delivery (refrigerated/frozen) products.
Domestic production
Domestic production Sale price¥680