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Article: Grain miso, yet smooth, brewed from the warehouse ``Kanjikomi Miso''

Grain miso, yet smooth, brewed from the warehouse ``Kanjikomi Miso''

"Let's make my own miso"

The Kinugawa store opened in 1998,
A tourist-type facility that holds on-site miso-making classes during the off-peak winter season.

Instructor Chozo Shinohara steams soybeans early in the morning and brings rice koji from the freezer. He was also the factory manager at the time and was loved by everyone for his unique Tochigi accent. This miso is cultivated by the person who brewed it, and at first it is a completely hands-on type of miso that has a very human feel to it.

As the number of repeat customers increased little by little, some said they did not have the confidence to raise their children or that there was no suitable place for them. That's when we adopted our current style of aging the product, contacting you for delivery once it's finished, and also selling the product in small portions.

Initially, you could choose the koji ratio and salt content, but
It was this combination that everyone uniformly chose.

"22 steps of koji ratio, 10% salt content" In the past, as a result of increasing the potency of koji, starch-degrading enzymes and proteolytic enzymes were too effective, resulting in liquefaction. The "miso residue" has been removed.

This is a ``grainy yet smooth'' miso that maximizes the sweetness of the rice by carefully monitoring the fermentation speed and managing it properly. Please look forward to this winter's miso making kit.

Taken out of storage Cold miso

[Foundation of founding (miso, soy sauce, koji products)]
Foundation of our founding (miso, soy sauce, koji products)

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