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Article: The “craft” of brewing woven by microorganisms “Rice koji”, the foundation of our founding

The “craft” of brewing woven by microorganisms “Rice koji”, the foundation of our founding

It started with a handful of rice koji
still pursuing
Rich rice flavor.

Four generations ago, the founder, Saisaburo Motonari, started the business with a handful of rice koji that he received from Inoue Sake Brewery (Sawahime Brewery) in Shirasawa, where his sister married. 1891. Since then, we have been making products based on koji-zukuri.
Generations changed, and his grandfather, Shoichi, established Hiyama Shoichi Shoten Co., Ltd. Due to the business nature of Koujiya, people's names were used in the brewing industry at the time to prevent people from making sake (moonshine), and this is why it has become popular as Hiyama's miso and soy sauce.
This soy sauce made with koji was inspired by my father, Junichi. The later ``Fudaisoden'' realized the importance of making koji through trial and error, and in 1995 he founded a soy sauce factory, and in 1995, he took advantage of the government's manufacturing subsidy program and developed the ideal koji. I pursued it.

Making miso and soy sauce begins with making koji.

It is especially important to adjust the environment such as temperature, humidity, and growing time. The rice koji that has been grown with care is fermented and aged. It is transformed into sweet salmon, miso, and then into soy sauce, which supports the flavor of pickles. It's like growing a child, and it's something we're proud of.

Amasake/Salted Koji. Please enjoy these products that allow you to experience the power of koji more directly.

Sweet salmon base 300G

All-purpose seasoning salt koji

Foundation of our founding (miso, soy sauce, koji products)