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Article: Rarely made and honorable soy sauce Nikko soy sauce “Homare”

Rarely made and honorable soy sauce Nikko soy sauce “Homare”

In the Fudai Soden of rice koji preparation,

Added sake lees from Nikko Homare.
A new step for Nikko soy sauce

The Nikko Soy Sauce Project began in a year when the world was sinking. That is why we are so proud to be able to take this new step forward as Nikko Soy Sauce.

Under lighthouse living. Sake lees from the local sake “Nikko Homare.” I had never noticed such a familiar material before.
The enzymes in rice koji break down its own starch, creating a rich sweetness. It should be theoretically possible to use sake lees, which is made from rice, as one of the ingredients. If you fail, try using new pickles. With no experience or blueprint, I was really trying to figure everything out.

However, this new challenge has given me courage and the cooperation of many people.

Brewery Sahei Watanabe Shoten, Baumkuchen Studio ``Hachiya'', Grill & Steak ``Myogetsubo'' in Nikko Yamauchi, Otowa Restaurant, ``Special Award'' as a souvenir for entertainment selected by the secretary, and ``The・Ritz-Carlton Nikko.”
This Nikko soy sauce "Homare" is a soy sauce that continues to challenge itself, changing its manufacturing method every year. The soy sauce brewed this year in 2023 is a special brewed product that is not for sale by our company, and staff from The Ritz-Carlton Nikko also participated in the manufacturing process.

Please look forward to the future of Nikko Soy Sauce.

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Nikko soy sauce “Homare”

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