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Article: Nikko Toshogu Shrine Presentation Soy Sauce “Fudaisoden”

Nikko Toshogu Shrine Presentation Soy Sauce “Fudaisoden”

A history of continuing to focus on the work of "brewing" Nikko soy sauce,
We arrived at this flavor from a tradition that continues to challenge.

"If you add the sweetness of rice to soy sauce, you can make soy sauce that goes well with rice. If you use soy sauce that goes well with rice, you can make pickles that go well with rice."

While attending Tokyo University of Agriculture, the previous president, Junichi, had an idea for the manufacturing method that forms the basis of today's soy sauce production. Soy sauce is made from rice.
One of the underlying businesses was ``Kuzumai exchange'', in which miso and soy sauce were handed out in exchange for the rice collected, so to speak. Rather than selling the collected rice through normal channels, they process it into rice koji and make soy sauce.
The finished products marinated in soy sauce were very well received. In an attempt to recreate this taste, a colleague in the same industry conducted an expensive analysis but was unable to find the answer, so one even offered to let him work for free for three months.

To continue to protect is to continue to change.

In addition to carefully examining the ingredients, it was necessary to evolve ``rice koji'' in order to obtain the greatest effect.
Utilizing national systems and manufacturing subsidy projects to realize the ideal koji making. Furthermore, by pooling our knowledge and improving the environment, quality has improved dramatically.

Miracles do not just happen by chance, but may be inevitable due to the right environment. In 2013, the soy sauce, which was unknown at the time, burst onto the center stage of history as the soy sauce presented to Nikko Toshogu Shrine, ``Fudai Soden''.

The history of Nikko soy sauce has been, and will continue to be, along with the history of generations.

Unsatisfied with the current production method, we continue to go through trial and error to face rice.

Nikko Toshogu Shrine Presentation Soy Sauce Fudai Soden