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Article: Ginger from Shimanto Town, Kochi

Ginger from Shimanto Town, Kochi

Thoughts I want to convey,

spiciness and softness
Rare variety “Sanshu”

In 1986, the previous company president, Junichi, gazed with satisfaction at a small batch of ginger that had arrived from Kubokawa-cho, Takaoka-gun, Kochi Prefecture, and thought to himself. I wonder how many times I visited the site to get this far.

At that time, we were preparing for store expansion. But if it sells, there will be a shortage of raw materials. Ginger is the mainstay of sales. For that purpose, we need good raw materials. The best ginger is from Kochi, which was famous up until Nikko.

Although I had traveled all the way, I was asked to plant a large quantity of ginger by a pickle shop that I had no idea was made of horse bones, and I had never seen or grown ginger before. It took a lot of effort to gain trust. After depositing the compensation money, we thought we had finally started, but then we found ourselves in a state of almost complete destruction due to disease, unexpected repeated crop failures, and even the entire species being wiped out.
Due to its difficulty in cultivation and rarity, Sanshu ginger has come to be known as a mythical ginger.

Of course the Shimanto water is a big factor, but the fertile soil is also a big factor. But above all, the producers of the Small Ginger Subcommittee are serious and dedicated.
``Agriculture represents people.'' The more I learned about his personality and past interactions, the more I fell in love with this ginger.

The essence of this ginger is its sharp spiciness and softness. We hope that you will experience the blessings of Shimanto's land during this "Kuradashi" event.

Taken out of storage Ginger ( frozen )

Ginger from Kochi Shimanto