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Article: Nikko soy sauce salt "brew"

Nikko soy sauce salt "brew"

Nikko soy sauce's Robatazuke is a manufacturing method that starts from the soy sauce making process.
It's certainly not the only manufacturing method, but we will continue to pursue a unique flavor.

Naturally, by-products are produced when making soy sauce.
The soy sauce lees that remains after squeezing. In fact, it's delicious to eat.

The predecessor's aim was to keep not only the soy sauce manufacturing method secret, but also the existence of the soy sauce.
It was provided to reliable dairy farmers as part of their feed.

In order to continue to protect the secret recipe, no one is allowed to leave the premises.
This was something I had to continue to do...but...

Soy sauce lees…salt! ?
We received an offer to develop a product using soy sauce lees,
I finally found a way to use soy sauce lees.
must protect against it
Traditions and manufacturing methods ran through my mind.

Under such circumstances, I decided to develop it...

I couldn't stop being excited! !
I can almost hear the wonderful phrases of a certain 5-year-old child...

Isn't it interesting! It's salt in the sunlight! ?
There's no sea, right? Is that soy sauce and what is salt? !

Salt with Nikko soy sauce! Let's make it! !
I consulted my predecessor, prepared to be scolded, but
When I saw that the shoulder water was a good idea, I immediately said, ``Try it.''
The soy sauce salt is manufactured by Sakata no Shio, a salt manufacturer in Yamagata Prefecture.
In fact, it is a company that makes salt from sake lees and wine lees all over the country.
In fact, we have experience in producing salt using soy sauce lees from other soy sauce shops.

The soy sauce salt, which was created after several trial productions using a technique as expected,
The soy sauce has a distinct aroma, the particles are large, and the taste is deep.
I was so impressed that such a wonderful product could be made from Nikko soy sauce salt.

There was no hesitation in choosing the product name, which can be said to be the soul of the product.
If I had to describe what we do as a soy sauce manufacturer in one word, it would be that.

brew (kamosu)
From now on, you will be able to reach more people,
Nikko soy sauce ``Brew'' with such conviction ~KAMOSU~
We recommend it with confidence.