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Article: Fragrant "burdock"

Fragrant "burdock"

The aroma of burdock and soy sauce will whet your appetite!
The scent of burdock wafts through the air the moment you open the bag.
You can't help but reach for it.
But that's a bit of a struggle.
It has a unique flavor and texture that makes you addicted to it, but if you chop it into pieces, it becomes crispier.
You can use the whole juice for cooking♪

[Chicken burdock mixed rice]
1. Rinse white rice and add pickling liquid to adjust the water level.
2. Add the chicken and burdock together and turn on the switch.
3. Wait until the rice is cooked and it's ready. It's very easy, so please try it♪

Quality display/Nutrition information Ingredient name: Burdock (domestic), pickled ingredient name (soy sauce (contains wheat and soybeans), salt)/Spice Nutritional information (per 100g) Energy: 99kcal, Protein: 4.4g, Fat: 0.2g , carbohydrates 20.0g, salt equivalent 5.3g