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Article: Nikko soy sauce salt "brew"

Nikko soy sauce salt "brew"

Salt in the sunlight,

Even though it's soy sauce, it's salty.

Basically, I hate wasting food more than anything. This is probably due to the environment in which they were born and raised. I'm sure the fact that we don't have much food to throw away is probably unrelated.

The soy sauce used for pickling is poured into an attached septic tank and returned to the soil using the activated sludge method. During soy sauce production, soy sauce lees is produced as a byproduct. This is quite delicious. However, other than providing the lees as feed to nearby dairy farmers, the lees have always been kept away from the public. Until last September, when I received this offer.

"You can make salt from soy sauce lees."

I think it must have been really difficult for the previous generation to create this flavor. I am fully aware that I have continued to protect it with pride. But I'm sorry, father.
I couldn't stop being excited.
The term SDGs has recently become well-established, and Japan's food culture has a ``mottainai spirit'' that leads to circular food production.

Nikko Soy Sauce Salt is an eco-friendly all-purpose seasoning made by boiling Fudai Soden soy sauce lees with seawater.

Nikko soy sauce salt “brew” ~ KAMOSU ~