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Dumplings that are delicious just by baking (frozen)

Sale price¥1,280

The flavor of Tochigi Pork is further enhanced by the texture of Kuradashi Daikon and the spiciness of Kuradashi Ginger.
Please enjoy authentic Utsunomiya gyoza that is easily cooked at home.

A dream collaboration between “Nikko Robatazuke” and “Utsunomiya Gyoza” from Tochigi!
Popular recipes are now available as products!

[Delicious way to bake]
1. Heat a frying pan sufficiently and add oil.
2. Arrange the frozen gyoza and bake them.
3. Check that the grilled marks have been added.
(If you peel it off at this stage, it won't stick to the frying pan.)
4. Pour boiling water about 1-1.5cm deep into the gyoza, then cover and steam-fry.
5. When the hot water runs out, sprinkle with sesame oil and it's done.

Name: Frozen gyoza Ingredients: Pork (produced in Tochigi Prefecture), radish pickled in soy sauce (domestic production),
Onions (domestic), pork fat (domestic), starch processed products, ginger pickled in soy sauce
(domestic production), starch, sugar, sesame oil, soup seasoning, spices, salt,
Leather (wheat flour (domestic production), processed oils and fats, salt)/Seasoning (amino acid)
(Contains eggs, wheat, sesame, soybeans, chicken, and pork)
Contents: 1 bag 540g (30 pieces)
Best before date: Approximately 1 year when frozen Cannot be delivered under refrigeration Nutrition information (per 18g piece) Calories: 40kcal Protein: 1.4g
Fat 1.6g Carbohydrate 5.1g Salt equivalent 0.3g

*This product will be delivered by [cool delivery (frozen)].
Dumplings that are delicious just by baking (frozen)
Dumplings that are delicious just by baking (frozen) Sale price¥1,280

A new brand brought to you by Nikko Robatazuke

Make your daily table more delicious and more fun.

Collaboration with ingredients and specialty products from Tochigi Prefecture, etc.
Taking advantage of the history of Nikko soy sauce's robatazuke

In order to deliver even more deliciousness,
We aimed for something that would make you feel even more delicious.

You can enjoy a variety of food combinations such as bread, rice, and noodles.

New deliciousness created by combining pickles and dishes


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