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Sliced ​​ginger from Kochi Shimanto

Sale price¥680

Name: Pickled in soy sauce
Ingredients name (ginger (domestic),
Pickling ingredients (soy sauce)/citric acid (contains wheat and soybeans)

Nutritional information (per 100g) Calorie 99kcal Protein 4.0g Fat 0.5g Carbohydrate 19.5g Salt equivalent 5.1g

Sliced ​​ginger from Kochi Shimanto
Sliced ​​ginger from Kochi Shimanto Sale price¥680

Rare variety “Sanshu” from Kochi Shimanto

Distinctive spiciness unique to Sanshu ginger

About 30 years ago, our previous president, Junichi, asked Kochi Prefecture Nakamura Agricultural Cooperative (formerly Shimanto Agricultural Cooperative) to cultivate it just for our company, and contract farming began.

The characteristics of Sanshu are its softness and spiciness.
The aroma and spiciness that other varieties of ginger cannot imitate stimulates your appetite.

Recommended way to eat

Of course, this ginger goes well with rice,
Particularly recommended are the ``meat wrapped ginger'' and ``ginger grilled with reused dipping sauce.'' Please do try that out.

The freshly pickled flavor of ``Kuradashi Ginger'' has a softness that is unique to Sanshu.