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Ancient rice Amasake (non-alcoholic)

Sale price¥680

Amasake is made by stone-grinding Asamura black rice from Yamanashi Prefecture.
The black appearance of black rice contains polyphenols,
The color is just like "red bean paste".

When sprinkled on ice cream, it not only adds color but also a Japanese flavor.
To enjoy it as is, rather than water.
We recommend diluting it with milk or soy milk.

Name: Amasake (undiluted/non-alcoholic)
Ingredients (rice koji, rice, ancient rice flour, salt)

Nutritional information (per 100g) Energy: 167kcal,
Protein 3.2g, fat 0.8g, carbohydrate 35.9g, salt equivalent 0.1g

*This product will be delivered by [normal temperature delivery]. In some cases, items may be sent together with cool delivery (refrigerated/frozen) products.
Ancient rice Amasake (non-alcoholic)
Ancient rice Amasake (non-alcoholic) Sale price¥680

The foundation of our founding: ``Making koji''

The foundation of our founding “Koji”

Our company was founded in the 1900s as a koji manufacturer.

Amasake made from rice koji that has been made for over 120 years, all-purpose seasoning ``salt koji'', miso, soy sauce, and pickles

Almost all of our products utilize the power of koji.